Projects Overview

What are Projects?
My Projects is an integrated financial planning tool that provides maximum flexibility for you to decide how you are going to achieve your financial goals. The tool supports multiple expense projects (such as trips of a lifetime), with automatic leveling of reserves (savings) required with ability to increase/decrease those savings on individual months as needed. Once your project is set, everything is included in your budget month after month to ensure your project is a success.

Projects handles the calculations you can't - even with a calculator
The calculations required to determine the optimal reserves needed over a series of months considering multiple expense due dates, amounts, with the ability to override reserve calculations on select months is intense. Let us do the figuring for you

Projects Preview
In the example below, we show you how a typical multi-expense project might appear after setup. You can see how reserves were leveled for you, insuring each expense can be paid on time. You can also see where on one month, the reserves were overridden and increased with an expected tax refund.

Project Highlights

  • All we need is two! If you know two of following, you've got what it takes to build a project: Total goal, monthly goal, or target date.