Connect to one of over 9000 financial institutions. Check your balance, view latest transactions with intelligent categorization, easily post transactions to your budget, and much more. Even if you don't have or need a budget, connections is worth the price of admission just to gain insights into banking transactions. Showing you "what's new" is just one of the awesome advantages you get that most banks don't even deliver.

What is a connection?
A connection is a single login to your financial institution. Many individuals have multiple accounts at the same institution. We'll gather them all together for you under a single connection!

How secure is your system?
Our application and database management system is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform infrastructure, which maintains Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Level 1 Service. See the following for details: We utilize Plaid Technologies, Inc API to retrieve balance and transaction information for each financial institution you are connected to. All balance and transaction requests use strong TLS protocols and ciphers. Communication with financial institutions is transmitted over encrypted tunnels and utilizes cryptographically hashed headers and timestamps to verify authenticity. At no time do we ever have knowledge of, or store, your account numbers, passwords, or other personal identifiable information other than the last 4 digits of the account number and account name for identification purposes

How much does it cost?
$15.00 USD per year for each connection. If you have multiple accounts at the same institution that you access with the same user id and password, one connection is all that is needed. We will gather all related accounts for you. You may qualify for a FREE connection by attending one of our local workshops, or by receiving a sponsor code from a participating company, church, community center, or other participating non-profit organizations. Paid orders includes a 100% money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel for any reason during the first 15 days of use - making it a no-risk, no-hassle investment.

How do I order a Connection?
Ordering a new connection is easy. First, you have to be a registered user. Click Register, or sign in with your existing user id and password. Then, click the Connect tab and then the Order button.

After I order my Connection, how do I connect to my bank?
Once you have a new available connection, click on the Connect tab and click the button "NEW Bank / Credit Card Connection". Sign in to your bank using our secure system, and then you will see your accounts with balance information. Click the "Options" button beside your account to get started! You will then see the "Help" button which contains step-by-step help on what to do next along with a list of other options to work with your connection.

Can you connect to my bank or financial institution?
Most likely, yes. We already have a working relationship with over 9000 financial institutions and are working to add more daily. Click the button below to find your bank, and then try out our bank to experience the connection process:
  - Our Bank's name: Tartan,   User ID: user_good,   Password: pass_good
   (NOTE: This button is for demo purposes, other credentials will be rejected)

How much transaction history will I have access to?
Initially, we will pull 120 days of prior transaction history from your bank (up to 500 transactions). After that, your history will grow every time you get the latest transactions. Over time, you could have years of transaction history at your fingertips.

How do you categorize my transactions?
Based on the type of business you purchased from, we do a great job determining the budget category the expense belongs in. Of course, we don't always get it right, so we give you the tools to quickly change the category to one of your own liking. When we can't tell what the category is (for example, when all we see is a check #), we'll leave the category as unspecified. We have over 80 general categories we use, with over 600 sub-categories. If that's not enough, you can create your own!

Connections Transaction Detail
In the example below, we clicked the details button beside the Target expense. The "*" beside a given transaction shows you "what's new". Shaded transactions are those that have not cleared the bank yet.
Connection Trends
A picture is worth a thousand words. Use trending charts to discover details about your finances not easily seen when looking at pure numbers. Account Balance Over Time, Unbudgeted by Category, Cost of Living By Month are just a few of the charts made available to you.

Connections Budget Builder
We can even build a budget for you based on your prior transaction history. Use the Budget Builder option to see what your budget would look like. Select only those categories you wish to include.

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