Budgeting Overview

What makes your budgeting system so special?
Besides the ability to work directly with Connections and Projects, check out all these features:
  - Enter and track your income and expenses (with a helpful starter template)
  - Keep track of your budget and checkbook balances.
  - Receive alerts when bills need to be paid, balances are low, or you are running out of money
  - Receive alerts when it appears you might have bounced a check
  - Go back in time to view prior month budgets
  - Make multiple updates at once using our open data entry grids
  - Easily setup your budget for the next month using the one-click "Close" button
  - Reduce the clutter of what's left in the month by hiding completed entries

In addition to all that, check out these other advanced features you'll receive:
  - access to 3 budgets (to handle savings, other checking accounts, etc.)
  - ability to link one or more of your budgets together to get a "combined" view
  - ability to link your budget with someone else, like your spouse, or friend
  - ability to make a copy of your budgets so you can play out "what if" scenarios

Is there a cost to use your budgeting system?
Nope! Budgeting is free for all to use along with Projects. There is a minor cost to use Connections to speed up the budgeting process, but that's optional and does not have to be purchased. When you are ready to start budgeting, simply register above for your free account. We'll give you 3 budgets to play with.

Budgeting Preview
In the example below, we show you how a typical budget might appear in the middle of the month. You can see where actual amounts were posted, along with those expenses yet to be paid. You see warning messages, along with an updated Budget and Checkbook status.

Budgeting Highlights

  • Watch the Getting Started Video In this video, we build an actual budget showing you step by step how everything is done.
    Getting Started Video

  • Order the Book We'll walk you step by step through the entire budgeting process. Click to see at Amazon.com